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The Full Self Enlightenment / Purpose and Wealth Alignment one month program, dives deeply into:

1. Who You Truly Are

2. What Your Purpose Is

3. Where Your Wealth Lies

4. & What Your Million $ Niches are…


You’ll be decoded during the first week, then for the next 3 weeks, you will receive your weekly Enlightenment, which takes the deepest dive into you.


At the end of these deep dives, you would become totally self aware, and equipped with game changing knowledge for you to elevate personally, spiritually, and financially, as well as to align with becoming your Highest Self.


This Full Enlightenment Deep Dive, is perfect for when you’re ready to:

~ Change your life

Gain full Self Enlightenment about who you truly are on the deepest level

Uncover your Life Purpose

Discover your gifts, natural blessings and strengths

Become aware of your Highest Self and Lower Self sabotaging vibration

Become aware of your Super Powers and Kryptonite

See your Stardust Composition which features the planets that make you…you

Become enlightened about where your Wealth lies

Discover your Wealth planets and Million $ Niches

And align to your Purpose and  Destined Wealth


is the first major step towards becoming Aligned to your Highest Self, Purpose and Wealth, while recognizing and stepping away from your Lower Vibration, Kryptonite and negative traits…


You would also gain eye opening and life changing Enlightenment about:

What your True Element is

Your True Nature

The two main planets that influences your Personality

& Why you are prone to facing certain challenges in life and with people


In learning what your Highest Self feels, operates and performs like, along with how your lower vibration shows up, you would be able to identify where you are, and know what you need to do to embody, to become your Highest and most abundant self.🌝🌚


So let’s dive in! 🧚🏼‍♀️

Secure your Full Enlightenment decoding, then get ready to begin your journey towards peace, fulfillment, alignment, happiness, success and financial abundance!


 Allow 1 week for your Decoding magic to be completed, which would be followed by your 3 weekly Enlightenment information packages.😉🤸🏾


Also, immediately click the link in your order confirmation email, which opens the form for you to submit your name and date of birth, to begin your decoding process.😉


Treece ✨💕

Self Enlightenment Coach🧘🏽‍♀️
Vibe, Purpose & Wealth Decoder✍🏼
Numerologist & Planetologist🌝🪐

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