Your Purpose, Destined Wealth & Million $ Niches 🎯💰🏦

$7,500.00 TTD

Your Purpose & Wealth Decoded dives deep into your Purpose, and Destiny, while also uncovering where your Wealth lies and what your natural Million 💰 Niches are!✨

You’ll gain priceless insight, about why you’re here, the work that you’re destined to do to fulfill your Purpose, the foundation that you ought to lay and how to build upon your foundation, to achieve your destined Wealth and Millions🧑‍💻.


Knowing your exact Purpose is not only a game changer, but Life Changing, as once you gain this level of Self Awareness and Self Enlightenment, you can’t “unknow it”…  


You would enjoy the power that comes with aligning to your specific Purpose and Wealth, rather than operating by guess, moving around in the dark, or trying to copy someone else’s successes but not having the same result because copying someone else’s Million 💰 Niche, means that you are ignoring yours…

his insight would be with you for the rest of your life, because of the accuracy and personal connection to your inner calling and desires. So let’s dive in!


I look forward to Enlightening you, and changing your life for the better, by showing you how to align with your destined Purpose, Wealth & Million $ Niches! 🤗


Order now and allow 1 week, for your decoding and Enlightenment to be complete and revealed. 📇(Depending on the waitlist).


Also, click the link in your order confirmation email, which opens the form for you to submit your name and date of birth, to begin your decoding process.😉


Treece ✨💕

The Vibe, Purpose & Wealth Decoder
Numerologist & Planetologist

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